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Date: 29 November 2023

Author: Eleanor Collins

We have recently completed an office expansion at MSP Capital.

Transforming our reception and suite one, further distinguishing our companies hands-on approach—where we don’t just fund refurbishments, we complete them

Upon acquiring the final suite in our office building, our dedication to being relationship-led lenders took centre stage. The revamped space now hosts an enhanced reception area and a client waiting area, as well as two client meeting rooms meticulously crafted to facilitate meaningful face-to-face interactions.

But it’s not just about catering to our clients’ needs; it’s also about nurturing an environment where Team MSP can thrive. As our team grows, we needed to create spaces tailored to suit diverse working styles. The collaborative ‘Ideas hub’ allows for creativity and project work.  While ‘The Library’ is our designated quiet workspace – offering a haven for focused work, away from the bustling energy of our open-plan office.

Rachel Bartlett, Marketing Manager at MSP, who helped work on the look and feel of the new rooms said: “The new office spaces are incredible and really capture what MSP is all about. As we’ve grown it’s become imperative to offer diverse spaces not only for client meetings, but for our team to work in.  The rooms have already received a lot of use.

Thank you to the suppliers who made this happen, but also a huge well done to the wider team that worked on the refurbishment project – including office management and software development. It was a lot of work but totally worth it!”

We worked with several local suppliers for this refurbishment, including BT Office Furniture, Wild Roots, and Shoreline Carpentry. But we made sure to remain hands-on so that the environment mirrored our ethos of understanding, productivity, and determination to succeed.

We’re thrilled to offer you a glimpse into our newly designed space through a video tour. This visual journey captures our revamped headquarters, showcasing the fusion of functionality and aesthetics that define MSP Capital’s commitment to excellence.

Check out our office video:

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