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Date: 12 December 2023

Author: Eleanor Collins

A world where challenges often define our limits, Team MSP have consistently demonstrated resilience and dedication into community causes. This year, our charity initiative takes on a weighty significance, inspired by a deeply personal story.

From donating front of shirt sponsorships to conquering last year’s triathlon challenge, the team have showcased their spirit again and again.

This year, the focus shifts to lifting—24 relentless hours of weightlifting, aiming to collectively lift an astounding 1,000,000lbs. On the 14th of December, 12pm, MSP team will take over the office gym, hoisting various weights to reach our goal. To put it into perspective, 1,000,000lbs equates to the weight of 85 JCB diggers.

However, this year holds a different significance. The motivation burns brighter, fuelled not just by the considerable physical challenge but by the cause we are fundraising for. Forest Holme Hospice, situated in Poole, holds a special place in our hearts, having provided compassionate care to Sam Thomas and his family during a time of need.

Louise Thomas, Valuation Administrator at MSP and Mum to Sam, says:

“Once Sam decided he wanted to go into Forest Holme, we didn’t look back.
From the moment he got there you could see the relief on his face, he felt safe, comfortable and looked after immediately.
All the staff at Forest Holme make you feel at ease as much as possible during a very difficult time, from the doctors to the nurses, the reception ladies and the volunteers, everyone has a place, and they could not have been any more supportive for us all.
We knew Sam would only have a short stay at Forest Holme. He was there around a week with the care being available to him 24 hours a day, nothing was ever too much trouble for them – they even let Sam have some friends visit one evening, who ended up staying until gone midnight, having ordered enough fish & chips to feed the whole hospital!
The staff at Forest Holme did an amazing job at making Sam and us feel calm and supported during his stay, not just medically but also emotionally. They made sure he was free from pain as much as possible and supported us whilst we also made sure Sam was comfortable during his final days. We cannot thank Forest Holme and all their staff enough for how they looked after Sam, and hopefully by MSP fund raising on behalf of Forest Holme, it will go a little way to say, ‘thank you’ from The Thomas Family.”

Kirsty, Fundraiser at Forest Holme Hospice Charity, said,

“We are thrilled that Team MSP are supporting Forest Holme with this incredible challenge, which is particularly impressive being so close to Christmas. We are so grateful for support like this from our community and the money raised will make a big difference to local people who need our care and support at the most difficult time of their lives.”

It’s more than a fundraiser; it’s a tribute, a celebration of a life cherished and a commitment to the much-needed support the hospice provides.

Click to donate on our Just Giving page.

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In loving memory of Sam Thomas.

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