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Date: 13 April 2023

Author: Rachel Bartlett

Two of our long-serving directors have had their roles expanded in a strategic move to drive further growth.

We have enhanced the roles of Becky Harris and Adam Tovey after reporting 30% year-on-year loan-book growth in line with rising demand, primarily in the residential market but also among commercial property developers. 

The twin promotions recognise the contributions and responsibilities of the pair in working with our clients on finance solutions, generating new business and managing team expansion.

Becky, who joined us in 2015, sees her evolving role recognised with a switch of title from Finance Director to Director of Strategic Finance and Operations.

It reflects her work to drive the direction of our strategic funding programme, building on our relationships with institutional investors, and lead our operational departments including software development, people management, financial crime compliance and marketing. 

Becky, a Chartered Accountant with more than 13 years’ experience in the finance industry, said: “Our recent growth, in the face of many challenges in the property market, is all down to being flexible and agile in response to clients’ needs and ensuring we are rock-solid on the finance they require. 

“Our can-do approach is enabling us to say yes to more clients than ever before while delivering the safe, robust financial strategies that help make development projects a reality on the ground.

“I will continue to support that spirit of entrepreneurialism in my enhanced role.”  

Adam, who joined in 2010, moves from Valuation Director to Director of Risk and Underwriting.

In so doing, he steps up to lead both our Valuation and Underwriting teams and has accountabilities for all valuations and credit risk within the company. 

At the same time, he will continue to manage numerous long-standing client portfolios and pursue new business development.

Adam said: “Our success hinges on taking the time to really understand our clients’ needs and then working with them on creative solutions. Everything is relationship-led.

“Our recent growth trajectory means it is an exciting time for us as a company and I’m excited to take on this enhanced role to help drive us even further ahead.”

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“A large part of our ongoing success in the market is due to our ability to build strong relationships with our clients. That is the reason we see our volume of enquiries, applications and completions all going up. Continuing to strengthen our team will enable us to continue to service our clients on a personal level, while our loan book grows.”

MSP Capital’s managing director Martin Higgins

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