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Date: 9 July 2020

Author: Adam Tovey

As we continually strive to make our borrowers’ experience as easy and efficient as possible, we have moved several of our onboarding processes online; removing the need for paperwork, printing, and for you to even leave the house for document certification.

MSP is pleased to announce that we have partnered with DocuSign and HooYu (Mitek from 2024) to give our borrowers the ability and confidence to sign and provide proof of identification all from the comfort of your home.


DocuSign will enable our borrowers to sign an Offer of Finance electronically,  securely, and quickly from any device. We will simply email your documents directly to you for an instant signature return. All documents are encrypted for security and a full audit trail is always maintained, enabling you to sign your Offer in seconds.

HooYu (Mitek from 2024)

HooYu (Mitek) is MSP’s online electronic verification partner,  enabling our borrowers to provide proof of ID and proof of address documentation from a computer or phone.

To enable this, MSP will require you to take a selfie and upload it alongside a photo of your proof of ID and proof of address. HooYu (Mitek) quickly and safely verifies people from all over the world using digital footprints, ID document authentication, and sophisticated facial biometrics technology.

HooYu (Mitek) is safe and secure, as it uses a high-level TLS encrypted connection. They delete all copies of your documents as soon as the identity check is complete.

By using HooYu (Mitek), we can complete our client verification process without the need for you to leave your home to obtain certified documentation. This way, we can check who you say you are while keeping your details completely safe and secure and progress your loan quickly.

If you would like to find out more about our new partners or have any additional questions, please get in touch with the team on [email protected].

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