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Date: 15 December 2022

Author: Rachel Bartlett

We know that our success over the last 42 years has been down to the people who are part of the team.

Despite being a much larger company than we were in the 1980s, we’ve held on to the same comradery, fun and adventurous spirit. Below are just some of the ways that we make things special for Team MSP.

A special initiative for those who deserve a treat

In February we launched “Cheers from your Peers” to encourage our team to nominate their peers to receive a special treat, just because.

Those who got the most nominations each month would receive a £70 voucher to a local restaurant. We had lovely nominations ranging from those who needed a pick-me-up to those who are the true unsung heroes in the office.

Ellie Fitzpatrick, a recent winner of Cheers from your Peers said:
“Winning the cheers for your peers award was a lovely surprise, made extra meaningful in that it came from my colleagues. Its always nice to have positive feedback, but recognition from the wider team was really special.”

Rewarding our team for taking care of their physical health


In 2022 we began noticing that our team were using the gym more and more. Taking better care of themselves and encouraging others to do the same.

One thing missing from their gym arsenal seemed to be a personalised gym towel from MSP. We soon fixed that.



Every month we reward a member of the team who has gone above and beyond on their own health journey, or helped support someone else’s. They get a personalised, embroidered MSP Gym Towel to remind them of how well they’ve done.

Well done to all our Wellbeing Champions from 2022. We’re excited to see who will get this award in 2023!

Chris Wright, the first Wellbeing Champion at MSP said


“Winning the Wellbeing Champion of the Month was such a surprise. At that point in time, I had lost over a stone and a half so I was really chuffed to be recognised by the team for my efforts. Using the MSP-branded gym towel awarded to me is a great little reminder of their recognition.”

Other initiatives that support our staff


We believe that supporting the team goes deeper than just rewarding those who deserve it. Here are some everyday initiatives that MSP do to ensure our team get the most from the office.

  • Office gym available to all staff members
  • Twice a week gym classes instructed by a professional PT available to all staff
  • Weekly fruit delivery available to all staff
  • Break out area including ping-pong table
  • In-house sports competitions such as ping-pong, carpet bowls and fitness
  • Monthly social events – getting the team out of the office to socialise
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