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Date: 7 March 2024

Author: Eleanor Collins

Property professionals in and around Southampton gathered for another engaging Brunch & Learn event. This time, the event is in partnership with Sillence Hurn, and hosted at the Southampton Utilita Bowl on March 6th, 2024. With nearly 50 local property professionals in attendance, this event marked another successful addition to our Foundations for Better Futures initiative. This event delved into two important topics that are shaping the real estate landscape of 2024 – Build costs and Women in Surveying.

Bacon Butty and Brain work

The event kicked off with a diverse group of property professionals networking over brunch. Attendees ranged from real estate agents to valuers, architects, solicitors, and developers. To get the most out of the morning, the event was structured to enable knowledge sharing, with plenty of time to discuss the seminars with other attendees. This way we ensured attendees left with actionable insights.

Featured Presentations

Expert speakers from Sillence Hurn took centre stage, delivering interesting presentations on key themes:

1. Build Costs and 2024 Predictions

Alex Hurn , gave an in-depth talk on current build costs and his predictions for 2024. This session helped prepare attendees to be able to navigate the evolving market landscape.

2. Women in Surveying

Chloe Hylton is a prominent figure in the field of surveying at Sillence Hurn. At the event she shared her expertise and insights on the role of women in surveying. Her presentation shed light on challenges, opportunities, and the importance of diversity in driving innovation within the industry.

“It was fantastic to see business relevant individuals gather together to learn about interesting topics, and exchange their experiences.”


Chris Sheppard, MSP Capital’s Associate Director of Underwriting, expressed enthusiasm about the event’s success, emphasising its value in delivering thought leadership to both clients and industry professionals.

MSP Capital looks forward to hosting more Brunch & Learn events in the upcoming year, continuing to provide a platform for learning, networking, and collaboration within the real estate community.

The next Brunch and Learn is to be based in Guildford on the 14th May 2024. Please email [email protected] if you’ve like to be included in future invite lists.

Below is the full collection of the photos from the day

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