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Date: 5 June 2023

Author: Rachel Bartlett

As a team we’re committed to driving positive change and we know this starts with ourselves.

This year, following yet more initiatives from Team MSP, we’ve worked with Carbon Footprint to ensure that 125% of our office emissions are offset in order to attain the Carbon Neutral+ organisation status.

Our office relocation to Poole Quay in 2021 kickstarted our journey into making our office environment more sustainable. Moving into a new local community and a building that was already on its way to being sustainable gave us the opportunity  to continue to make improvements and look internally at changing the way we operate.

We set up an in-house working group in early 2022, tasked with bringing ideas to fruition, and in March 2022 we achieved a Carbon Neutral+ office. This was attained by offsetting more than 125% of our emissions; by switching to sustainable energy sources and offsetting our direct emissions with planting trees.

We’ve done it again!

Following last year’s success, Team MSP once again worked with Carbon Footprint to achieve Carbon Neutral+ Office status for the second year in a row. This year to offset our carbon emissions from our offices, we planted 68 trees in the South West of England which are also paired with VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) Credits for helping to reduce deforestation in The Amazonia Rainforest in Brazil.

We’ll continue to maintain our status and work to identify and implement environmental improvement initiatives to lower our carbon footprint further and reduce reliance on offsetting.


Adam Tovey, Director of Risk and Underwriting, says “Like most businesses, we can’t just go net zero overnight. It’s about making a real change and continuing to evolve so we create and maintain a lasting positive contribution. This is a fantastic step in the right direction for the company”

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