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Date: 18 October 2023

Author: Eleanor Collins

Nearly 50 property professionals in and around Portsmouth, gathered at our second Brunch and Learn event held at the Portsmouth Marriott Hotel. This event, made possible through a partnership with Savills, marked an important milestone in our “Foundation for Better Futures” campaign,

The event aimed to bring together property developers and professionals to network and share knowledge. Following our Lunch and Learn in June on Biodiversity Net Gain, our commitment to sustainability to the “Foundations for Better Futures” campaign.

From croissants to expert knowledge

With a diverse group of property professionals joining together at the Marriott Hotel, the
atmosphere was buzzing with anticipation. Attendees, including real estate agents, valuers,
architects, solicitors and developers had a chance to connect with like-minded individuals. The event
was structured not only to create networking opportunities but also to facilitate knowledge sharing, making it a two-fold benefit for the attendees.

Sharing their expertise with the audience were two Savills Research professionals, Paul Wellman,
Associate Director of Residential Research and Julia Pound, Associate Director of Natural Capital
Services. They delved into two crucial topics that are currently on the minds of property
professionals across the UK:

1. Insights into Today’s Residential Market

Paul Wellman covered a deep dive into the ever-changing landscape of the residential market. Attendees gained valuable insights into market trends, factors affecting residential property values, and strategies for success in this dynamic sector.

2. Achieving Natural Capital Solutions on Development Sites

Julia Pound shared her expertise on achieving natural capital solutions on development sites through nutrient neutrality. Julia highlighted strategies to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into development projects, offering a glimpse into the future of sustainable real estate.

Paul Wellman commented on the event, “It was great to get together and present in-person in conjunction with MSP Capital. The audience were super engaged with great conversations and insight shared through the networking opportunities. We hope the Savills presentations on the current state of the UK Housing Market and Biodiversity Net Gain/Nutrient Neutrality were useful, the latter being hugely relevant and impactful for the South Coast market.”

Lee Merrifield, MSP Capitals Associate Director of credit says, “Our brunch and learn events continue to add valuable topical property industry insights for both our customers and professionals”. We look forward to hosting future Brunch and Learns in the upcoming year, welcoming existing and new clients to join us in a morning of learning. For the full event gallery please see below:

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“It was a really helpful and interesting event with interesting speakers and a great opportunity to meet other people in the industry.”

Richard Douglas, Architecture Director at Pro Vision

Below is the full collection of the photos from the day

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