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Date: 27 March 2024

Author: Eleanor Collins

MSP Capital took centre stage as lanyard sponsor at the recent BCP Sustainability & Retrofit Panel. Organised by Poole Property Club, this event brought together industry professionals and experts to discuss pressing issues surrounding property sustainability in 2024.

A Panel Discussion

The panel discussion delved into innovative retrofitting solutions and emerging sustainability trends shaping the property sector. With diverse perspectives from esteemed panellists such as our very own Associate Director of Credit at MSP Capital, Lee Merrifield.

Lee was joined by property professionals, including Adam Walker, Richard Summers, David Thomas, Thomas Leach, Darren Frias-Robles FRICS, and Robert Speirs.

Attendees gained insights into the challenges and opportunities in advancing sustainability efforts within the property industry. Lee Merrifield’s participation enriched the discussion, offering a nuanced perspective on the importance of financial lending behind sustainable build costs. He covered the impact this will have for lenders and how developers can ensure viability of their projects by being mindful of these costs.

MSP Capital’s sponsorship of the Poole Property Club’s BCP Property Panel emphasises our commitment to driving positive change within the industry. As we look to the future, it is evident that collaborative efforts and innovative solutions will be crucial in achieving a more sustainable property sector.

On the day Lee Merrifield was joined by marketing executive, Eleanor Collins who said:

“It’s important to discuss sustainability and what your business can do. This sponsorship allows us to champion a property club who is rapidly growing in the BCP area, enabling them to be able to reach out to and educate a wider audience.”

We thank Poole Property Club for the opportunity to sponsor this panel. Congratulations to Heidi Monroe and Keeley Fox (founders of Poole Property Club) for this successful event.

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