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Date: 26 March 2021

Author: Rachel Bartlett

Chris joined MSP Capital in August 2016 and is a senior member of the Underwriting and Business Development team. He takes an enormous amount of pride and enjoyment from structuring the best deals for his clients and seeing their projects come to life.

After graduating from Plymouth University with a degree in Business Studies, Chris qualified as a chartered banker and spent 22 years with a Top 5 High-street Bank.

Originally working across both corporate and commercial markets, Chris moved on to focus on the real estate sector where he stayed for ten years before joining MSP. During that time, he provided funding for residential development as well as commercial and residential investment across Hampshire and Dorset. It was here that he developed his in-depth understanding of what a client in the property industry needs from their lenders in order to succeed – essential knowledge that he uses every day at MSP.

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