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Date: 26 April 2024

Author: Eleanor Collins

As the Head of Broker Relations at MSP Capital, Arian plays a pivotal role in origination of new business and ensuring lasting relationships.

In an exclusive interview with MSP Capital’s Marketing Executive, Eleanor Collins, Arian delved into his career journey and the dynamics of his role within MSP Capital.

Bringing over a decade of financial expertise to the table, Arian explained his primary responsibilities at MSP Capital. “The primary role is to originate new business via intermediary channels. This requires swift and decisive assessment coupled with clear communication to external parties. I can then begin to structure and agree a deal that works for all parties.”

Arian’s journey to MSP Capital was paved with a blend of financial expertise and a deep-rooted affinity for property. “Earlier in my career, I came from a financial background. I’m a Chartered Accountant by trade,” he revealed. “I then worked in development finance second-charge lending. In the course of doing that, I actually did a number of deals with MSP from a second charge lender perspective. On the back of that relationship, I ended up coming to work here.”

Reflecting on his upbringing, Arian shared insights into his family connection with property development. “My dad was a small property developer come builder,” he reminisced. “So, from an early age, I’ve always been exposed to property.” This early experience laid the foundation for Arian’s seamless integration into the property finance industry.

Joining MSP as a Senior Analyst, within a year Arian rose to his current role as Head of Broker Relations. When asked about his key strengths within the team, Arian highlighted his skill in financial structuring, effective communication, and unwavering determination. “Understanding how to put together a deal that is well designed to ensure it works for the borrower” is paramount, he emphasised. Additionally, his ability to crisply relay information and maintain a solution-focused mindset in navigating complex deals underscored his contributions to MSP Capital’s success.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Arian’s passion for golf and football provides a glimpse into his life outside the office. “I’m an enthusiastic golfer,” he affirmed. “And play six aside football with the MSP team. I’ve also recently taken up cycling as my commute to the office, which I’m enjoying.”.

As Arian reflected on his motivations at MSP Capital, he underscored the company’s simplistic yet effective approach to property finance. “The most enjoyable aspect of working here, is the pragmatic approach that we take in order to create simple funding solutions for relatively complex funding requirements,” he expressed. “And then I think combined to that is quite a good atmosphere, quite a light-hearted and not too serious environment to work in.”

Arian has only been at the company for just over three years and in that time has shaped the way the company manages their intermediary and professional partners.

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