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Date: 13 May 2021

Author: uprated

Adam Tovey – I’ve been a life-long supporter of The Cherries and negotiating the deal with AFC
Bournemouth and then getting the photos taken on the pitch was a definite milestone that made
me reflect on how far we have come in our mission to widen our reach and support our local
community. However, it wasn’t all plain sailing; the wrong number was printed in the programme for
the first game so I had to call and sheepishly explain to a lovely old lady that she might get a lot of
calls about finance and loans. I asked her nicely if she could keep a list and I’d call back in a week!

Tom Callaghan – It really hit home for me the day that the AFC Bournemouth shirts were first
brought into the office showing the MSP logo on. I’m a huge football fan so this was massive

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