In the complex world of property development, one thing remains certain: the landscape is always evolving.

Before joining MSP Capital in 2016, I worked at NatWest bank, looking after property development companies across the South of England. From that experience, I know first-hand the challenges and triumphs we face when building and selling properties.

Property developers are feeling the pressure of high building material costs, high interest rates, a dip in house prices, and an increase in living costs. I’m noticing that outsourcing is being used more and more to help maintain efficiency and safeguard margins for developers across the UK.

Why would Developers use outsourcing in today’s climate?

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Cost Efficiency

With building costs rising, it’s not always viable to employ a permanent full-time team. Outsourcing offers a pay-as-you-go model, often leading to considerable savings and faster project completion.

Expertise on Demand

Outsourcing gives you access to niche expertise, ensuring that each aspect of your project is managed by someone who knows it inside out.


The market’s unpredictability necessitates an agile approach. Outsourcing lets developers scale operations in response to market demands, safeguarding against overcommitment.

Focus on Core Competencies

Now, more than ever, developers must zero in on their primary strengths. By delegating secondary tasks, you’re free to channel your energy where it’s most needed.

What kind of work could be outsourced for a property development?

Outsourcing isn’t limited to just one facet of property development. In fact, the possibilities are broad and varied. From Architects to bookkeepers, from lawyers to marketing specialists. There is a plethora of options for savvy developers who want to free up headspace. Below is a short list of the key things that can successfully be outsourced, if done well.

  • Design & Architecture
  • Construction & Labour
  • Project Management
  • Legal & Compliance
  • Digital & Marketing
  • Administrative Tasks

Considerations When Outsourcing:

Below are some of the key factors to consider when looking at outsourcing parts of your project. Click on each one to read more.

Quality Control

When you hand over a part of your project to an outsider, there’s inherent risk. Monitor the quality of work closely. Remember, the end product will carry your name, not theirs.


Protecting your business’s sensitive information is crucial. Ensure non-disclosure agreements are in place, especially when outsourcing digital or administrative tasks.

Cultural and Time Differences

If you’re outsourcing beyond UK borders – say, hiring a virtual assistant from another country – be aware of time zone differences and potential cultural communication barriers.


While outsourcing is beneficial, it’s essential not to become too dependent on it. Maintain a balance that ensures your core team still steers the ship.

Cost-benefit Analysis

Outsourcing, though often cost-effective, is not always the cheaper option. It’s essential to weigh the costs against the benefits for each project.

Practical tips on outsourcing

  • Step 1

    Identify what to outsource

    This is paramount. While it’s tempting to offload as many tasks as possible, it’s vital to analyse which operations will benefit most from outsourcing.

  • Step 2

    Vet and choose carefully

    Do your due diligence. Ensure that anyone you hire – be it a site manager or a virtual assistant – comes highly recommended.

  • Step 3

    Communication is always key

    One of the main pitfalls of outsourcing is a potential communication breakdown. Schedule regular check-ins, use digital tools, and set clear expectations from the onset.

In conclusion

The landscape of property development is ever-changing. Outsourcing, when done thoughtfully, can be a powerful tool in a developer’s arsenal, offering flexibility, efficiency, and access to a world of expertise.

Here’s to building smarter, not harder.

Chris Sheppard has nearly 30 years of finance experience

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