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Date: 27 April 2021

Author: Rachel Bartlett

Lee is a qualified Chartered Banker who spent 28 years with a Top 5 High-street Bank, prior to joining the team at MSP Capital.

During his time in banking, Lee spent 15 years working in the real estate sector both in Bournemouth and Southampton. Initially this involved providing client funding and support for a range of residential development, commercial property, and residential investment projects. More latterly the focus was on the risk assessment and credit control elements of lending to real estate clients.

Lee joined MSP Capital in October 2017 to assist with the credit control functions of the business as Underwriting & Credit Manager. As of January 2023 – reflecting the continued growth of the business – Lee now heads the Credit Team in his role as Associate Director of Credit. As Associate Director he also drives the business forward strategically, working with the MSP Directors to ensure we remain at the forefront of specialist property lending.

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