Development finance from MSP can give your project the green light

Whether you are new to property development or are a long-standing developer, we share your vision and seek opportunities to lend rather than reasons not to. From new builds to transformations, we use our experience in property to offer development finance across a diverse range of assets. 

We have walked in your shoes and know that with any development comes a vast amount of logistics to oversee. We are here to help ease the strain. Throughout the duration of your loan we will work closely with you to understand your pinch points and future plans so we can ensure a swift turnaround of funds when you need them.

With our development finance you can unlock up to 65% Day 1 Land Value and 100% of the build costs over the course of the project up to a Gross Development Value of 70%. Importantly, the Terms within our Offer of Finance are already credit backed, giving you the certainty you need to move forwards to plan your build with confidence.

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Types of Development Finance available

Ground up Residential Development Loan

Our funding can help support the initial land acquisition as well as covering all the costs of development. Using our expertise and years of experience, we can ensure your project’s maximum potential is reached.

Heavy Refurbishment Development Loan

Transformation of existing assets requires specialist expertise in order to ensure the regulations and requirements are met. MSP’s team are highly experienced in navigating this type of project and will help you make sure your build reaches its potential.

Permitted Development loan

If you are extending a current property, or changing the use of a commercial one, we can facilitate it with a Permitted Development loan – if your project falls within the Government provisions. These loans can open up a potential wealth of opportunity to be explored.

Commercial Development Loan
No two commercial developments are ever the same. We assess each unique opportunity on a case-by-case basis, using our in-house expertise to bring multiple projects to life each year.

Property People First

Property People First

40 years’ in property and finance has given us the unique ability to think like you do, understanding your needs along your journey.

Certainty of Funds

Certainty of Funds

We are a Principal Lender with funds available when you require them. We deliver on our Terms without changing the goal posts.

Relationship Led

Relationship Led

Your dedicated Relationship Manager will get to know your vision and use their expertise to work alongside you to bring it to life.

Tailored Solutions

Tailored Solutions

We approach each project individually, looking at your portfolio as a whole to understand your priorities and meet your needs.

Swift Decisions

Swift Decisions

Our streamlined processes and industry knowledge enables us to act decisively to maintain your competitive advantage.

Country-wide Reach

Country-wide Reach

Whilst we’re located on the South-coast, we are proud to be able to provide nationwide lending across England and Wales.

Our process to finding a financial solution for you couldn’t be simpler 

  • Step 1

    Talk it through with us

    Keen to find out if your project suits a development loan? Give us a call and our team of property and finance experts will discuss it with you.

  • Step 2

    Find a solution together

    Share your project’s needs with us and we’ll use our financial expertise and property know-how, where possible, to create a solution.

  • Step 3

    Expect a speedy answer

    We will deliver our Offer of Finance swiftly. Our Terms are credit backed so from that point you can plan and act with certainty.

  • Step 4

    Receive your funds on time

    After our efficient verification process you can look forward to your drawdown date. Get back to doing what you do best and leave the finance to us.

Minimise stress and ensure the continuation and completion of your project with our range of development finance loans, ready to be tailored to your unique needs.

Unsure of whether you need a development loan or bridge?

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