Bridging loans from MSP keep you moving forwards

Bridging loans help to close any gaps in your finances with short-term funding, tailored to your needs. They’re often essential during a build to ensure that your plans don’t grind to a halt. 

Our loans, secured against property assets, typically unlock up to 70% of a property’s value. Importantly, our Terms within an Offer of Finance are already credit backed, so you can feel confident to make decisions and commit to your next step; we find that our clients often use a bridging loan to purchase their next project whilst funding the sales process on their existing one.

Time is always a key factor with any bridging loan. That’s why our systems and processes use fewer forms, saving you time and enabling us to make swift decisions with certainty. Loans can be approved within 24 hours of your initial enquiry and in some instances drawdown can occur within a matter of days.

We also offer finance for a variety of situations from property refurbishments to an auction purchase and can even offer 2nd charge bridging loans on properties that have an outstanding mortgage.

Types of bridging loans available

Premium Residential Bridging Loan

Designed for completed and marketable units, our Premium facility can generate cash flow for the purchase of future development projects or refinancing an existing lender during the sales process.

Standard Residential Bridging Loan

Our classic bridging loan is ideal for purchases, refurbishments, or refinancing of residential properties.

Auction Finance Bridging Loan

When it comes to purchasing a property at auction, it’s vital that you’ve got funding you can rely on. This funding solution is available for the purchase of residential properties that are vacant, let on AST or in need of refurbishment and can be pre-arranged ahead of auction to help you bid with confidence.

Development Exit Bridging Loan

When a project has reached practical completion a development exit loan can work well to bridge the gap of finance whilst your unit/s are awaiting sale.

Commercial Bridging Loan

This can be used for the purchase of a commercial or part commercial/part residential property or brownfield site before planning approval is given. This loan also covers run down commercial premises that are hard to get mortgages on, or for the purchase of commercial properties at auction.

Light Refurbishment Bridging Loan

This type of bridge is a specialist loan issued to cover the costs of light refurbishment to your property. Due to the nature of the works needed, terms offered tend to be for six months with the loan relating to the property’s projected value when the refurbishments have been carried out.

Property People First

40 years’ in property and finance has given us the unique ability to think like you do, understanding your needs along your journey.

Certainty of Funds

We are a Principal Lender with funds available when you require them. We deliver on our Terms without changing the goal posts.

Relationship Led

Your dedicated Relationship Manager will get to know your vision and use their expertise to work alongside you to bring it to life.

Tailored Solutions

We approach each project individually, looking at your portfolio as a whole to understand your priorities and meet your needs.

Swift Decisions

Our streamlined processes and industry knowledge enables us to act decisively to maintain your competitive advantage.

Country-wide Reach

Whilst we’re located on the South-coast, we are proud to be able to provide nationwide lending across England and Wales.

Our process to finding a financial solution for you couldn’t be simpler 

  • Step 1

    Talk it through with us

    If you think your project might benefit from a bridging loan give us a call. We know that each project has its own set of unique requirements and we’re ready to listen.

  • Step 2

    Find a solution together

    Share your project’s needs with us and we’ll use our financial expertise and property know-how, where possible, to create a solution.

  • Step 3

    Expect a speedy answer

    We will deliver our Offer of Finance swiftly. Our Terms are credit backed so from that point you can plan and act with certainty.

  • Step 4

    Receive your funds on time

    After our efficient verification process you can look forward to your drawdown date. Get back to doing what you do best and leave the finance to us.

Minimise stress and ensure the continuation and completion of your project with our range of bridging loans, ready to be tailored to your unique needs.

Unsure of whether you need a development loan or bridge?

Speak to Chris now and we’ll decide together